Feythmusic was founded in 2015 with a vision and passion of spreading the fragrance of Christ everywhere. We believe in Christ and his finished works and so we write and compose Christ-centered songs and make music that glorifies the Father. We believe in the demonstration of the Spirit and power as we sing and believe God to reach out through us by giving divers testimonies, We are not just known for making music but also mainly believe in rightly dividing the word of Truth and Prayer. We also have events where we share the word of God and pray fervently. This has birth the CREATED FOR MORE CONCERT, a concert that is targeted for uplifting music and the Word of God. SINGTERCESSION is a prayer/music meeting just as the name implies. In 2015, two singles ULUESE and BLESSING were released by Feyth, the flagship gospel act of FEYTHMUSIC and host of the CREATED FOR MORE CONCERT. FEYTH MUSIC is a platform for recruiting and building talents, people with different styles and genres of music as long as it glorifies Christ, between 2015 till date FEYTHMUSIC has ministered on different platforms to the glory of God with diverse testimonies. Presently, FEYTH MUSIC has volunteers who are serving God with their musical gifts and want to do more for the kingdom of God.


Feyth is a songwriter and a worship leader, she believes worship is a response to the knowledge of who the father is, revealed in Christ. Her passion is to spread the fragrance of Christ as she has made herself available as God’s burning torch.